ADURA Max from Linoleum City

ADURA Max by Mannington is Linoleum City is #1 selling flooring product, and for good reason. ADURA Max is the elite in luxury vinyl flooring, offering incredible detail, comfort, and high performance. Its waterproof and scratch resistant build makes it perfect for any high traffic area in your house.

Large Selection of Vinyl Plank & Tile in Stock

Linoleum City Portland is the #1 retailer in the Northwest for ADURA Max, offering an extensive selection of luxury vinyl plank & tile for any area of your home. ADURA Max comes in numerous textures and colors that imitate wood, stone, and tile. With a lifetime warranty, you can enjoy your floor for years to come.

We carry both loose layer and adhesive flooring products and supplies.  We have many patterns and colors in stock and if we do not have it, it can be ordered and into our warehouse within 2-3 days.


Vinyl is a very popular flooring choice due to its durable material but is not free from all abrasions. People use it for high traffic areas and because of that, the floors can become dirty so here are some tips to keeping your vinyl flooring like new:

  • Sweep and mop your vinyl flooring daily to maintain shine. Wipe up spills promptly to avoid stains.
  • To help prevent scratching, scuffing, and other indentations – do not push, pull, or drag heavy furniture across your floors without the aid of furniture sliders or felt pads.